Summer recap – I did all the things

It’s been a short and wild summer.  I spent the majority of my weekends in the high country, which means regularly getting up at 3-4am on non-workdays.  I have loved every single adventure and was even getting used to the early morning wake up calls, though I can definitely feel the accumulation of sleep deprivation.  I climbed a few 14ers, a few 13ers, ran a couple of iconic loops and segments, ran my first hard af 50k, ran my first extremely runnable 50 miler, had a lot of ups, a few downs and feel like I took advantage of the summer to the best of my capacity.

Last weekend, I acknowledged the coming of the fall, and it’s coming fast, with the second annual Skyline Traverse Season Kickoff Run.  This Boulder classic is 17-20 miles, depending on your preferred method of descending Sanitas, with vertical gains of just over 6000′.  I ran nine of them last season – September to May – as the winter weather was very accommodating.  This run hits the five major peaks along the Boulder skyline – if you run it in my preferred direction, South to North, you’ll hit South Boulder Peak, Bear Peak, Green, Flagstaff and Sanitas.  I hadn’t done it since just before my first race in May and I’m looking forward to many more of these over the coming months.

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