2020 Race Calendar

Inaugural Salomon WMN Trail Half – Sonoma, CA

April 10, 2020 // 13.1 miles // 2,980′ vertical gain

I’m pretty psyched about this! I didn’t know when I signed up, but as a late addition to the Salomon Squad this year, I’m even more excited to be a part of this race. I’ve been singing their praises for about a decade ever since I bought an early edition trail shoe. In February, they finally made our relationship official ❤

Quad Rock 25 – Fort Collins, CO

May 9, 2020 // 25 miles // 5,500′ vertical gain

Taking place in Fort Collins, CO on May 9, Quad Rock is known for being a fun race with unpredictable weather. Springtime weather in Colorado is highly unpredictable and you either get a heat wave or a blizzard. This will be my second time racing this course after DNS last year due to Achilles issues. Given my difficult year with injury and pain, I don’t anticipate beating my time, however I plan to have more fun, if that’s even possible. Check out my 2018 recap here.

Quad Rock 25 Mile Course Profile

Javelina Jundred 100K – Fountain Hills, AZ

October 31, 2020 // 62 miles

This race captured my attention last year when I was hoping to be recovered from my Achilles issues in a solid 6-8 weeks. Then, 8 months later, I was only beginning to run with any regularity and as of March 3, I’m still struggling – this time with pain of unknown origin in my hip and hamstring that makes it extremely painful to sit or walk. I can only keep my eye on the prize and let the chips land where they may. I am not officially signed up for this race, but it’s my motivation to make slow, steady progress and not skimp out on rest and recovery along the way. As if my body has even given me the choice.