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Trail Running

Some work, all play

Here are three things that I’m really terrible at when it comes to running.

  1. Recovering
  2. Structured training
  3. Realizing my potential

On recovering: What I learned from my 2018 race season is that recovery means more than a low mileage week before returning to your regularly scheduled programming.  Less is more sometimes, when it comes to running, and I have been paying the price for nearly four months now.  Just because my muscles recovered doesn’t mean that my cardiovascular or endocrine systems have recovered or that my connective tissues don’t need more rest.  I gained a few pounds after each race, my anxiety went through the roof and I’ve been managing chronic IT band pains.  Super fun combination of factors there!

I do incorporate regular PT, strength work and foam rolling, but if I slack at all, which I frequently do, then I definitely feel it.  I’m at the point where I need to be told to back off the mileage, if that is the right answer, and if it’s not, then I need to know what is.  I need someone to figure it out for me and tell me what to do.

On structured training: When I got Krissy Mohel’s book Running Your First Ultra – it was just in time to put to good use to train for my first 50 miler.  It had great information that I haven’t seen addressed in other books along with a very tangible training plan to put into use.  Did I use the training plan?  Nope.  I went on with my spontaneous, opportunistic runs featuring a ton of vert, several Boulder Skyline Traverse days and no speed work or hill repeats.  I put in the miles and the vert, but not the brain work.  If you’ve got the time and discipline to build your own training plan, I do recommend her book – again, I’m bad at this and I just need someone to tell me what to do and when to do it.  I have the motivation and discipline to execute… I think.  If you’re interested, you can see my other recommended running reads here.

On realizing my potential: I don’t know what I’m capable of and I want to find out.  I, like so many others, have wasted many years waiting until the conditions were right to do things, and they never are.  The time to start is now, whatever that looks like.  So, I decided to work with a coach.  I know I’m not going to podium any races, but that is not the point.  My goal is to see how much I can grow and to see and feel the measurable results of guidance, consistency and hard work.  Not only do I want someone to tell me what to do and when and how to do it, but I want to guidance and support of someone who knows better.  When I am dealing with setbacks, I need someone to remind me that progress is not linear and to help me refocus.  I want the structured running plan to support the physical growth but it’s critical that I also get the mental and emotional support to help me re-frame my perspective.  That’s why I lobbied hard af to get in with David Roche on the SWAP Adventure Team – SWAP standing for Some Work All Play!

Thanks to my BRFF [best running friend fo’eva] Michele, who solicited me to David, I now have access to exactly what I’m looking for – full-spectrum running support.  David and his wife Megan are fast af runners who train some of the most talented runners around and regularly contribute to Trail Runner Magazine.  I’m so fortunate to have signed on and I’m looking forward to the long trail ahead.  Let’s do this!!!

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